Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jackson UK O2 Tour In Crisis

Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' UK Tour at the O2 Arena is in crisis as thousands of fans have been left disappointed with the shock announcement that the first four dates have been rescheduled. Angry Jackson fans have been told they would have to wait until March 2010, so instead of having the second, third and fourth shows - they will get the very last performances from the tour.

According to promoters AEG Live, Michael Jackson needed more time for dress rehearsals saying, "This show has grown in size and scope, thereby necessitating more lead time for manufacture of the set, programming the content for the massive video elements, and, most importantly, more time for full production and dress rehearsals."

The cancellation of the opening four dates has pushed the whole Jackson Tour into fresh doubt and concerns that fans could be left out of pocket.

Affected Dates:
8 July - moved to 13 July, 2009
10 July - moved to 1 March, 2010
12 July - moved to 3 March, 2010
14 July - moved to 6 March, 2010

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