Sunday, May 10, 2009

PICTURE: Victoria Beckham Without Make-Up

Victoria Beckham without make-up is rare to see but the picture above reveals a 'normal' looking woman devoid of the Posh image we are normally accustomed to seeing. Victoria was pictured after her two hour workout at a Beverly Hills gym, apparently she runs eight miles a day on the treadmill!

Beckham has been described as 'normal' by gym members who told the Daily Mail, "Posh is always low-key when she comes here."
"She wears normal gym gear and is always happy to hang out and have a juice and a chat afterwards."
"She’s remarkably normal and doesn’t seem to care if people see her sweaty with no make-up on."
"She’s confident in her looks and actually looks way better without all the war paint slapped on."

Victoria looked slim and toned in the latest Armani underwear picture this week and attributed her look to working out.

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