Thursday, November 24, 2005

Top 10 "Uplifting" Tunes

Everyone deals with relationship break-ups differently and it also affects us all differently. Who hasn't had their heart broken or had to break someone's heart? It's one of those sad times in our life, which doesn't always get easier with age and the ironic thing is - we never learn either, cos we allow the next person to trample on our fragile heart!

But that is the risk you take falling in love, you have to allow for the one you love to hurt you (intentionally or un-intentionally). I'm glad I opened my heart enough to let someone in - that meant compromising and being willing to open up and do things differently but the positives far outweighted the negatives.

Now this chapter of my life has been closed, I can't help feeling down and today was one of those days. In the office I had been pretty much OK but once out delivering the post on my own, thoughts started creeping into my head. Rather than let these thoughts drag me down more, I focused on the music I was listening too and allowed it to lift me up.

It's even more fun when you imagine the video to the song or a happy memory associated with the song, so here are my Top 10 "Uplifting" Tunes:

1. Love at First Sight (US Version) - Kylie
2. Hung Up - Madonna
3. In Your Eyes - Kylie
4. Independence Day - Melanie C
5. In the Morning - The Coral
6. Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling (Into the Groove mix) - Danni Minogue
7. The Show - Girls Aloud
8. Can't Get You Outta My Head - Kylie
9. Push the Button - Sugababes
10. Wake Me Up - Girls Aloud

OK, not much variety but these tracks are on my MP3 player and cheer me up when I'm delivering..........

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