Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Aftermath

"From beneath the rubble of a shattered relationship I emerge,
I look around at the devastating effects of having my world rocked.
This earthquake has shaken the very foundations,
causing cracks to appear in my heart.

The damage has been done,
there was nothing I could do to prevent it.
I can only look on as a victim and survey the disaster area,
my heart is heavy with a sense of loss and hurt.

Had I known the end would come I could have prepared,
yet on a peaceful night it came - tearing through the foundations.
Now I must carry on and pick up the pieces of my devastated heart,
learning to become strong once again."

It has indeed been a weird 24 hours and one of personal reflection at the death of a relationship.
There have been tears and there has been disappointment but in all of there there has been the support of friends.
It's never easy telling people when something is over but I have decided to be very open and honest with people and tell them because I knew I would not be feeling my usual happy self for a while.

My friends in the "real" world quickly offered support and throughout the day checked I was OK. Not just in text messages but in real offers to do something practical. But I needed a quiet time to reflect on all that had happened.
My friends in the "internet" world have also been fantastic, although they may not see me in the "real" world very often - they gave me comforting words to help heal the pain, rather like plasters to a flesh wound!

Inside I feel like crying all the time cos I hurt so much but I know this is just "The Aftermath" and in time those flesh wounds will heal and the scars become less visible in time. Instead of drinking a bottle of wine and becoming upset I opted for an early night and had a great nights sleep instead.

Today I will continue the "clean up" operation and put my life back on track. My personal survival is more important than for any one person to destroy.
The end may have been devastating and the aftermath very painful but out of this will come a new beginning.................

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