Sunday, November 27, 2005

A New Chapter

Right, enough of the mumbo jumbo - it's time to move on and open a new chapter in the life of "robmacca"!

No matter how crap I might feel inside, I won't let it affect what I do on the outside. That's why this weekend has been "business as usual" on the social front. I met up with Andy, Jayne and Tom for a good night out (with the occasional chin wag about the break up!) and today I'm going bowling with Dannykins. I know I'm gonna lose cos lets face it - Danny has his own special bowling shoes!

On the home front - I've got a new lodger moving in today, which should prove quite interesting ............ Watch this space for any hot news and gossip. (Which reminds me - I must change my homepage from being my Blog to something like - I wouldn't want him reading about my life!)

Things are also shaping up for the first week in December (I was due to go to Brighton but lets face it, that's not gonna happen ........ I think I'd sooner watch it snow in the Antarctic! But if anyone wants the travel tickets they are more than welcome to contact me!!). From day trips to visiting good friends, it's all about getting my life back on track.

Now I can begin to be the independent man once again and do things my way. It's territory I feel safe in, it's old ground that has made me the strong person I have become today. Do I hurt inside? ............Yes! Will I let it stop me from repairing the damage and getting on with life? .................No!


  1. so sorry for my absence!!! I got your text reply, I didn't want to text you back as I wanted to email you back a longer email reply. Which I will do shortly once I do more catching up...

  2. Thanks - I look forward to reading it soon.
    I know your a busy bee!

    Glad you enjoyed your 3 day Halloween celebrations - Loved the fancy dress.


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