Sunday, November 20, 2005

Spice Girls come to the Rescue!

In times of disaster, you can always rely on the trusty Spice Girls to save the day!
As I soaked in the bath listening to "Forever", the lyrics of this song seemed to fit a certain situation well -

"Tell Me Why" Lyrics:

oooh......we could have had it all

but you turned your back
it started with dreams it started a team
but you weren't as true as you always seemed
you promised to love
no matter what
yet you turned your back and walked out on me
(verse1)what made you think that without me
your life would be so much better but now you see
that without me
your hopes and dreams
will never be as good as what you had with me
(chorus)so tell me why-oh why
did we end up this way
and we try-we try
to make everything ok
tell me why-oh why
did you feel you couldn't stay
but we could have stayed together
but you wanted it this way
you never thought that i would find out
all of the things you said about us
when you're the one who decided to
erase all our plans and said you are through

-repeat verse 1 and chorus
repeat chorus twice

now tell me was it
your plan all along
to try and use me and then let go
now where is the trust we had between us
i guess that you never played by the rules
can you tell me.............

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