Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My Radio Phone In

Good start to the day - I got up @03:30 and went to work as normal but they had covered my day off - so I went back home.
I had the radio on in the background while they were doing a competition. The DJ's were acting out a few lines from a film and we needed to phone in and guess the answer.
I rang, not thinking it would ring but be engaged - well I got straight through and before I knew it was on the radio with the right answer "Bridget Jones Diary"
Lovely feel good romantic film (not sure I want to see it at the moment!)
I had the choice of CD's - Rachel Stevens, Craig David or David Gray. I chose the lovely Craig David. "Don't Love You No More" is his latest and rather fitting single out at the moment!

You can hear it here:

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    LOVED it! You're still my Lipgloss Bitch! ;-)


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