Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Truthful Tuesdays

Ask Me Anything.............. If your passing by reading this Blogg and want to ask me anything - this is your chance to post a comment and ask me a question.

"Truthful Tuesdays" is your chance to get to the nitty gritty of things - Ask me what I think about ANYTHING, ANYONE, ANYPLACE.

1. What do I think about Michael Jackson in hospital?

"Its all a fake, designed to get him off going to jail. just incase he`s found guilty!"

2. Ken Livingston (London Mayor) - Should he apologise?

"Like hell he should! I`m sick of all this politically correct crap we are fed and praise the Lord that Red Ken has the balls to stand up and NOT say sorry.
If the press dont like it - tough poo poo!"

3. Who would I like to get naked with?

"There is only one person I want to get naked with and if you know me really well you`ll know exactly WHO that person is, although 6 in a bed with Girls Aloud might come a close second"

Anymore questions, just send them my way...............

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