Sunday, February 06, 2005

Next Week`s Diary..........

Monday 7/02 - Overtime - I`m working a couple of extra hours cos I`m desperate to get some hours in or else I will not be able to go out in March or shop for food.

Tuesday 08/02 - Late Night - I get to have a lie in and do my 12 til 20:00 shift

Wednesday 09/02 - Dinner for Maria - Having Maria around to have a good old gossip and she`s bringing me Arena magazine with Girls Aloud in, I`ll be cooking!

Thursday 10/02 - Brit Awards 2005 - I`ll be as hyper as hell watching my favourite award of the year on ITV.

Friday 11/02 - Chill Out Evening - It`ll be net and TOTP for me after work.

Saturday 12/02 - Drinks with Lyn? - I might or I might not be out with Lyn and co. I`m also in work 08:00 til 13:00 in a shift swap so I get next weekend off to see Alex and Girls Aloud.

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