Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Spice Girls Wagon

"Ahoy there my fellow Spice fans, come up close and see what delights await you inside `The Spice Girls Wagon` ! There is something for everyone so put on your platform shoes, slip into a tight little outfit and zig a zig haaaaaaaa!"

"You`ve gotta watch out for imitations, and so this week we`re clearing out some of this crap. Yet it`s a sad state of affairs when the most expensive MelB item on *ebay is a copy of the Bo Selecta! mask, that is a copy of the real Melanie B. For £50, this could be yours............"

"With 11 bids and just 1 day 15 hrs left of bidding at £50 this was the highest Mel B item, the only other Mel B item that was actually being bid on was a 2001 copy of Smash Hits that was selling for a staggering £2.99 after 1 bid !!

Lets hope next time we can bring something more worthy out of `The Spice Girls Wagon` "

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