Saturday, February 12, 2005

Picture This.

Oh the good old days as a postie - this was me with my wild hair, at the shop where I`d have a nice cuppa in the mornings. Taken about 15 months ago, this was my "Skunk" look as my post customers would call me. Posted by Hello


  1. LOL, I thought that was you! Because I saw this picture on my own blog, when I checked the Denden folders and found this pic! I think you were trying to upload it to my blog or your blog for viewing, but you somehow managed to upload it into my directory at Denden (where my blog is housed), LOL

  2. I`d been trying to upload this picture:

    I wanted to post this picture on your Public Babble @ but I must be doing something wrong, so I was experimenting with the other pictures!

  3. ...............actually , just thinking about it - when I first started my Blogg, I was trying to work out how to do the pictures, and accidently sent the pic to yours instead of mine.
    I've worked it out now of couse!!

    Sorry *blushes*


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