Thursday, February 17, 2005

Desperate Spicewives

Desperate Spicewives. Posted by Hello

"Life always has something interesting to throw at us, just when we are about to sit down and get comfy.

It`s been a busy week in Hysteria Lane for our 5 Desperate Spicewives. First shock of the week had been the return of Melanie B - who caused a stir at a party then turned soft after trying to do a Cheryl Tweedy in a toilet. All was not well when she tried to meet up with the other residents of Hysteria Lane only to be snubbed by the ohhhhhh so busy Geri Halliwell. All was not lost as Melanie boarded a secret bus and had sandwiches with some fans instead of a slap up meal in Hysteria Lane.

All was not as it seemed for Geri, was she really too busy for Melanie B or was she desperately trying to hold her career together? It seems that underneath all those public smiles her career was yet again on ice. You couldn`t help but think that soon she will have had more managers than lovers!

No matter how many donuts she may have eaten while in America, Emma Bunton was not going to let her hard work go to waste and it was whispered she would soon be bringing out another album which would keep her busy for the rest of the year.

Not to be outdone - Melanie C set about getting fresh pictures out into the public domain ready for her tour ,single and album release in April. This lady certainly knows where to be seen and where not to be seen. An appearance at a charity gig would be just the right brownie points to enrage those in Hysteria Lane who were not so fortunate.

Finally, who could forget the ever glamourous Victoria Beckham, no one can out fox this lady. She might be about to give birth but it does not stop her doing her bit for charity as well. Why sing when you can just go naked? Elton John must be so proud with her performance.

Many people may have thought Hysteria Lane had gone quiet since those early Spice days but - fear not, our Desperate Spicewives have plenty more tricks up their sleeves!"


  1. Helllllllllllllllllooooo! Tis so good to see you having a peek on my Blogg (this is all thanks to you of course!) I`m not very good at updating it already :-(


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