Tuesday, June 30, 2009

robmacca's Glastonbury Highlights

Wrapped in a plastic bag looking like I'd died and was waiting to be collected by the bin men describes the picture of me above, but the reality of Glastonbury was far from dead and buried - it was alive and as vibrant as ever. This year we arrived about two hours earlier than last year and stayed four hours longer but I vow I'll get the coach next year and arrive on Wednesday or Thursday so I can get even more out of Glastonbury because three days is just not enough. It might have been a mud bath when we arrived Friday lunch time yet my wellies came home cleaner as glorious sunshine and warmth surrounded us during the annual festival.

Glastonbury is a chance to see bands you wouldn't normally watch, like the Metric (pictured above) - this Canadian band were the highlight of my Saturday as they belted out their tunes on the Other Stage. Rolf Harris had packed out Jazz World so much we just couldn't make our way into the field, we did manage to hear him singing 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport' with the masses joining in. Bruce Springsteen may have got the crowds as the headliner on Saturday night but he just didn't do it for me as it felt more like a concert than anything else. We did spot the teacher from Inbetweeners and managed a crafty picture without disturbing him (he was too busy being mobbed by a group of drunken lads!).

Another nice surprise was bumping into a hot and sweaty Kid British who had just walked about six miles from the Pyramid hospitality area to their car, they had done a last minute set but the walking finished them off. I thought it best not to ask for a picture at that point as it wouldn't have been fair. So many bands so little time, that is what makes Glastonbury so good - walk around see the different fields and absorb the sights and people, it is a real treat. Trash City and Shangri-La transform at night with fire, bars and alleyways to keep you entertained throughout the night.

It's not all about the music at Glastonbury, the picture above shows a monk like character walking around huge sculptures - just one of the millions of visual delights you get at the festival. So many people who attend Glastonbury make a real effort to dress up in costume and just go for it, we Brits just love it and it all adds to the fun - rain or shine we know how to party!

Ultimately Glastonbury is about the music and Blur (pictured above) typified the Glasto experience - an emotionally charged stage performance with plenty of crowd sing-a-longs and an amazing light display to top it all. We love artists who get us involved and Sunday seemed to be the day for it with Tom Jones, Madness and Blur being three of the artists I sang along and danced my pants off too. Coming from Coventry, watching The Specials on Friday was a high point for me. I made my way down as far as I could squeeze and lapped up Terry Hall and co performing their hits as I took as many pictures and videos as possible, while at the same time making sure I enjoyed this historic moment. Another dream come true and I was a happy Coventry boy once again.

I'm getting older and this year I seemed to take every opportunity to just lie down and soak up the sun or shut my eyes for a few moments due to lack of sleep. The weather had been kind to us again this year and that makes a big different, plus the 2,400 toilets were well maintained as ever and made the whole festival a joy to attend. Being with friends, surrounded by fun-loving music lovers and pampered with a feat of artists makes Glastonbury my musical highlight of the year.
Roll on Glastonbury 2010 because I'll be doing it all again...............

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