Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PICTURES: The Specials @ Glastonbury 2009

Here are the pictures of The Specials from Glastonbury 2009, taken while I was in the crowds enjoying their memorable performance on the Pyramid Stage. The Specials were the one band I really wanted to see at Glastonbury Festival and so getting as far front as I could meant I could enjoy it even more. I took a few videos and pictures yet still wanted to make sure I sung along and danced without spoiling it for anyone.

The Specials played:

'Do The Dog'
'It's Up To You'
'Rat Race'
'Monkey Man'
'Blank Expression'
'Too Hot'
'Doesn't Make It Alright'
'Concrete Jungle'
'Friday Night Saturday Morning'
'Man At C&A'
'A Message To You Rudy'
'Do Nothing'
'Hey Little Rich Girl'
'Nite Klub'
'Little Bitch'
'Too Much Too Young'
'You're Wondering Now'
'Ghost Town'
Watch some videos of The Specials: HERE

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