Friday, January 23, 2009

VIDEO: Royal Guard Attacks Mimicking Tourist

Royal Guard Lashes Out At Student

This is The Sun newspapers video exclusive of the moment when a Royal guard outside St James Palace had enough of a mocking tourist and attacked him. The Colombian student, Nick Ibarra had been mimicking the guard as he performed his duties and it all got too much for the guard - who can be seen clipping him around the head and attempting to kick him.

Watch The Sun's video from the incident and decide for yourself - Was the guard right or wrong to lash out? Feel free to comment........................


  1. Thats crazy, the guard should get the sack, when the guard got the job they must have told him, he would get stuff like this happening,
    and the student, his only a kid, thats whats kids do

  2. You can only push someone so far, until they feel the need to throttle you. True these guys are taught to ignore everyone, this was bound to happen sooner or later... Maybe he was demoted to this position.... ;-)

  3. This student is a 23 year old man is not a kid. He's clearly proud of himself while showing-off to his giggling girl friend assuming he can taunt another person without consequence. This shows his true nature and future employers should take note. He also lied about it after. The guard clear grabs/pushes with his free hand while the student says he was attacked by the gun. Probably be looking for compensation/money.

  4. If the kid wants to play Guardsman, then he ought to be taken out to Iraq or Afghanistan and be given the opportunity to take the p**s in a war zone. Methinks the guy wouldn't be so keen then. Kids may be kids, but this one needs to grow up. As for sacking the Guardsman, get a life you dick.

  5. Well, my opinion is that they shouldn't be annoying to much, it was only a push as a warning, he didn't get killed damn it, stop over reacting... the guard is trying to do his job, but that isn't always easy when dumb shits annoy them like that..

  6. Well done the should have done harder the piss taking little shit..


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