Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Glastonbury 2008: Saturday Review

Amy Winehouse @ Glastonbury

Saturday - Shakin' Stevens / A Human / The Blessing / Massukos / Eric Bibb / Joan Armatrading/ Will Young / The Grid / Amy Winehouse / Massive Attack

Glastonbury Pics: HERE

Today the sun was out and spirits were high for the second day at Glastonbury, the mud was drying but the hangover was kicking in as the tent warmed up to the morning sun. What better wake up call can you have than the classic Shakin' Stevens? I couldn't resist going to have a gander and watch him perform 'Green Door' and 'Marie' - Not bad for the first performer of the day.

I went to explore the Glastonbury site a bit more (apparently it's the size of Bath) and ended up in the Dance Village watching a band called A Human, who put on the best performance I was to see this year at Glastonbury. Each of the six band members put on a performance to be proud of, the lead singer was so energetic throughout, at one point leaping from the stage and dancing with the crowds. Then taking his shirt off, waving it in the air while rolling on the floor outside the tent - pure genius! This was the band that made a lasting favourable impression on me and hope they do well, especially since the lead singer had just quit work to become a full time musician.
Muddy dancers @ Glastonbury

The afternoon was spent relaxing on the ground at Jazz World listening to the delightful sounds of The Blessing, adding an air of spirituality. Massukos treated the crowds to the vibe of Mozambique followed by Eric Bibb and the legendary Joan Armatrading, who won over the audience like she did back in the 70's.

It was nice and mellow just chilling out to the sounds from the Jazz World stage then it was time to move on and capture more music in the form of Will Young in the Avalon Tent. He proved to be a popular attraction with many more people outside trying to listen in on his gentle performance. I gave up trying to listen so we moved to Dance West for some busting moves with The Grid - not even a drug in sight as we were taken back to the early 90's "rave" tunes.
Crowds have fun at Amy Winehouse performance

Amy Winehouse was another highlight for Glastonbury, while she may be out of it during songs, I loved her voice and her tribute to Coventry band The Specials was touching. 'A Message To You Rudy' and 'You're Wondering Now' added credibility to her much talked about appearance.
The night was concluded with Massive Attack, while not my cup of tea, the stage lighting was amazing and the crowds loved the variety of tunes presented.


  1. Robmacca,
    great review of A.Human, I was there too & thought they did a great job. I hope you are now a covert to the A.Human cause & that we might see you at some more of their gigs soon. Cheers, Mark

  2. Thanks for the comment Mark - I'm a convert to A.Human for sure. Will keep my eye open for their gigs near me.

    Pity we can't join them for their residency for Ibiza Rocks.

  3. No problem Macca,
    I found mention of your review through the A.Human forum at:
    - in the Glastonbury section.

    Check it out.
    Cheers, Mark


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