Sunday, July 06, 2008

Godiva Festival Coventry: Pint Shot Riot

Pint Shot Riot @ Godiva Festival Coventry

Pint Shot Riot believe Coventry has an opportunity to be firmly established on the musical map and then put on a stunner of a show at the Godiva Festival to prove it is true. The band stand at the edge of something big as their single "Start Digging" is released on Monday 7th July.

They are another proud band that big up Coventry and told the crowds they are the one's that make a difference. As fans danced, moshed and sang along, Pint Shot Riot gave the happy crowds something to remember from the Godiva Festival. I heard people saying the band were better live than on their MySpace page and reactions from the crowds were clear to see - Coventry loves Pint Shot Riot.

As well as playing their familiar tunes, the lads also played a new track, which was an instant hit with the masses - watch the video below and judge for yourself. Hopefully many of those in attendance will now do their bit in helping local music and support Pint Shot Riot in their bid to make it big by purchasing the single on Monday.

Pint Shot Riot - "Deep End" @ Godiva Festival, Coventry


  1. Haha, me and my friend were at the front. Basking in the sun. They were really good, wern't they?? Can you find any of their lyrics? I can't :( e-mail me - please?

  2. PSR were quality. Check out their forum on their website or contact the band on their MySpace.

    Maybe they have the lyrics, sadly I've not got hold of any. Hope the single sells well this week.

    Glad you enjoyed Godiva.


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