Sunday, July 06, 2008

Godiva Festival Coventry: The Ripps

The Ripps @ Godiva Festival, Coventry

The Ripps were on the Main Stage again this weekend at Coventry's Godiva Festival and played a combination of new and old songs that injected enthusiasm into the crowds that had gathered in anticipation. No-one was left disappointed because Patch, Raul and Rachel gave another fantastic performance. Even when the rains came down, it didn't dampen the young people that were jumping around to the sound of SKA with The Ripps.

Raul and Rachel

Patch Ripp

Even from the stage you can feel the humility and genuine appreciation that The Ripps have, they are a band that have loyally promoted Coventry and love playing in front of their growing fan base. The Ripps deserve to be signed up to a major record label because the wider audience are missing out on the new sounds of SKA music. The videos below give a taste, but the quality does not do The Ripps justice. Check out their MySpace page and grab a listen to their tunes and get to know The Ripps better.................

The Ripps - "1000 Miles From Home" (Godiva Festival, Coventry)

The Ripps - "Vampires" (Godiva Festival, Coventry)

...with a little help from their friends


  1. hi, nice videos, i was wondering if you could please send me the ripps - vampires video to my email account please, its, sorry to bother you but its the only video with me and all my mates in, cheers.

  2. have they split up? or has rachel left and they're carrying on?

  3. According to rumours - The Ripps have split up because one of the members has gone to University in Brighton.

    No official news has been released, and I expect we'll still hear from them in the future. Even if it is not as The Ripps.


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