Monday, June 30, 2008

Glastonbury 2008: Friday Review

Friday - The Gossip / Fun Lovin Criminals / The Enemy / Pete Doherty

Glastonbury Pics: HERE

It was my first Glastonbury Festival and what a first night it was - the rain had fallen so setting up a tent in a tight spot was even more fun! Once we'd set up tent the sound of The Feeling blasting out from the Pyramid Stage feeding our desire for music, so off we set for a night of wet musical delight.

First up was Beth Ditto and The Gossip who wooed the crowds and even joined the throng as she left the stage to continue singing and mingling. Wearing a black hoodie, the colder evening prevented Beth from stripping off this year but still we saw a great introduction to Glastonbury 2008.

robmacca out supporting The Enemy

Nipping over to Jazz World we saw Fun Lovin Criminals churn out their hits then I left my friends and made my way to the Other Stage for the one band I'd come to see - The Enemy. Normally I'm in a safe spot filming but tonight I'd wormed my way towards the front and plonked myself about three rows from the front of the stage. With my Union Jack around my waist and my 'I Love Cov' t-shirt on, I was ready to sing my little heart out. I wasn't the only one, everyone around me was up for a anthem sing-a-long set.

The Enemy @ Glastonbury

From the moment The Enemy came on until the time they left - Tom Clarke, Liam Watts and Andy Hopkins kept the pace lively, fresh and loud with everyone joining in. Pride over took me (maybe the alcohol helped!), and my 'I love Cov' t-shirt was soon waving in the air. Despite some guy moaning behind me, I kept waving my t-shirt from time to time - after all these lads made me proud of my city so why shouldn't I express my feelings?

Crowds embrace the beardy robmacca

Final act of the night was Pete Doherty, turning up rather dazed and thinking he was playing Saturday night, he apologised for being late. This didn't stop the massive crowd that had come to the Park to listen to the ex Libertine singer put on a worthy solo set. Even past midnight and the hardcore Glastonbury faithful were listening avidly as Pete Doherty proved why he is a force to be reckoned with.

Sadly, this Glastonbury virgin could stand no more and the alcohol bore it's effects and my tent was calling me...............

The Enemy - Away From Here - Glastonbury 2008

Pete Doherty - Albion - Glastonbury 2008 (blurred - blame the alcohol)

visit: - for the latest news on The Enemy


  1. Hey Rob!
    It was a long time since I checked your blog.
    What happened to your face man!!! You look like Jesus now :)
    How are you anyway? Greetings :)

  2. Hello Evaldas!

    I've grown a massive beard, just for fun. All is good my end, keeping as busy as ever - even when I want it to be quiet.

    What's new your end?

  3. Not too much actually. We finished our studies so now we are working. Both me and Vilimas applied for the master studies so will be studying 2 more years... :)

  4. Will the studies be in Lithuania or can you come back to Cov?

    I had a long chat with Julius on MSN Saturday evening.

    Hope work is all good - say hello to Vilimas for me.

    Miss you both lots and lots :-)

  5. Unfortunatelly the studies will be in Lithuania althought it would be great to come back to Cov again.
    As I know Julius is in UK now.
    Work is still ok ;)
    We miss u aswell, Rob!


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