Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TV: Emmerdale Beats Eastenders In Ratings Battle

ITV's Emmerdale has won the head to head soap battle against the BBC's Eastenders. Last night the popular soaps were shown at the same time as Emmerdale aired an hour long episode between 7 and 8pm, featuring Katie going into labour. It was watched by 5.8m (33% audience share), beating Eastenders by almost a million.

Eastenders storyline of Tanya calling a peace meeting with her estranged husband Max failed to ignite viewers, just 4.9m tuned in, giving Eastenders it's fourth worse viewing figure of the past five years. Often when the two soaps go head to head, it is the BBC who emerge victorious - but this week it will be ITV who can claim the soap battle victory.

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