Sunday, June 08, 2008

Vinny McElvenny Fundraiser At Inspire Bar Coventry

It was a great night for Coventry music as bands and artists performed at Inspire Bar, Coventry in a fundraising event for Vinny McElvenny. Tom Clarke from The Enemy performed an acoustic set, despite feeling worse for wear with a sore throat. Just two weeks earlier Tom had been performing in Leeds in front of a 35,000 crowd but proved his feet are still firmly on the ground as he returned home to Coventry and belted out a set in front of around 200 guests.
He also performed a T-Rex classic 'Cosmic Dancer' along side The Enemy's 'You're Not Alone', 'Away From Here' and 'We'll Live And Die In These Towns'.

Pint Shot Riot, another quality Coventry band played a string of new tracks for the evening as well as the B-side 'Riot Act', from their forthcoming single that is released on July 7th 2008. With fans inside and outside the venue, Pint Shot Riot put on a superb acoustic performance and proved once again that Coventry has alot of talent.

Bands and artists converged at Inspire Bar to be part of the special fundraising event - they were all showing their support for a man named Vinny McElvenny, who is a legend among those on the Coventry music scene. A man who is passionate about Coventry music and who has worked hard promoting the music scene and supporting local bands. A recent fire at his home had caused devastation as Vinny lost everything, but as the event showed - Vinny had lost none of his friends and none of his zeal for Coventry music.

The event was organised by another Coventry legend, John Dawkins (the man who brought us The Enemy). He took time out of his busy schedule to arrange the fundraiser, once again supporting his home city and proving Coventry has talent. Working behind the scenes Mick Leape (Inspire Bar) helped pull off a great evening of acoustic music that rivals the bigger cities easily.

No Cassandra, MBE/Jesus Deluxe, Senses, Exit Calm and Jersey Budd all put on a grand show with many of the artists performing without their drummers, it was a different environment to perform. Yet each act, from the first to the last proved their flexibility as artists and gave Coventry an evening to remember. Vinny even joined Senses on stage to sing along to the James track, 'Sit Down' and later thanked everyone for their support during the difficult times.

Below are some pictures and videos taken during the course of the evening on my mobile phone, sadly my digital camera batteries were flat - so this was all I had left to use. I will be posting a blog at , sharing my personal story from the event.

Tom Clarke - Cosmic Dancer (T Rex)

Tom Clarke - Away From Here (acoustic)

Tom Clarke - We'll Live And Die In These Towns (acoustic)

Pint Shot Riot - Riot Act (acoustic)

Vinny McElvenny introduces Tom Clarke

Tom Clarke @ Inspire Bar, Coventry

Rob and Rocket from Pint Shot Riot

Rocket and Baby Dave play acoustic set for Vinny

Jersey Budd

Top: No Cassandra and Shackleton

Middle: mbe/Jesus Deluxe and Senses

Bottom: Exit Calm

Check out the bands/artists music:

Tom Clarke:
Pint Shot Riot:
Jersey Budd:
Exit Calm:
Jesus Deluxe:
No Cassandra:

visit: -for the latest news on The Enemy

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