Friday, June 06, 2008

BB9: Gossip and News

It's been a busy first night in the Big Brother house, and here are a few stories from the Big Brother Blog Squad:

* Rebecca's Drunken Video - Coventry housemate video from her student days.

* Sylvia Top Choice With The Men - Find out which men put Sylvia top of their list.

* Who Will Win BB9? - An early look at those in the running to win.

* Stephanie Confesses ' I Want To Get Rich' - We reveal the reason why.

* Dennis: I'm Not Raging! - Gay dancer thinks he is not camp.

* Mohamed and Luke Get Told Off - BB Auditions are out of bounds for the pair.

* Token's Divide Housemates - Looks like it could all kick off over cold showers.

* Mario Becomes the Big Daddy - Find out how Mario became a father figure to Michael.

* BB9 Lads Get Naked - Didn't take long for people to strip off!

Big Brother Blog Squad - website with gossip and news from the Big Brother house.

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