Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Apprentice: Lee McQueen Wins

Lee McQueen wins The Apprentice

The Apprentice final saw Lee McQueen win the coveted prize of working for Sir Alan Sugar. Lee McQueen and Claire Young went head to head against the other two finalists, Helene Speight and Alex Wotherspoon. With some familiar faces from previous weeks teaming up with the final four Apprentice hopefuls, it was a battle down to the wire as the two teams worked on the perfumery task.

Lee and Claire's were in trouble with the task because of their focus on gambling, while Alex and Helene were criticised and failed the task because of the cost of their perfume bottle. It was a battle to the end as Claire and Lee both putting up a good case for becoming The Apprentice, but Claire just proved too much for Sir Alan Sugar. Lee came through as the rough diamond that Sir Alan could shine in the board room.

The fourth series of The Apprentice has been the most successful yet for the BBC with millions tuning in each week, following the hopes and dreams of the 16 candidates over the eleven week period.

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