Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Transmission Comes To Coventry

Coventry's Transport Museum will be the setting for Channel 4's "Transmission" on Thursday (1st Nov) with Athlete, Pigeon Detectives and the Charlatans all performing in the city.

Jason Donovan will be joining host Steve Jones to talk about his autobiography and his relationship with Kylie.

The Charlatans will be taking cameras on a guided tour of the city in search of a location to play a surprise gig. The programme will be aired on Channel 4 on November 23rd.

*pic by: Fraser Godfrey

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    1. Exuse me, but that is my photo of Coventry you're using. Where did you get it from?

    2. .........and a lovely picture it is Fraser.

      I remember seeing it on a Coventry Facebook group last year and saving it to my laptop cos it was so impressive.

      Normally I credit pictures I use when I know who took them, this time I forgot. (Although I had saved the pic with your name so as to credit you if used.) Sorry, if you want it removing I'll change it.

    3. Nah It's okay, since you said you liked it! :-). A little note wouldn't go amiss thought.

    4. Cheers Fraser - added your name to the topic.

      You captured Coventry really well in your pictures, so thank YOU for taking the pictures!


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