Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mel C Becomes A Spice Girls Fan!

Melanie C has admitted she's become a bit of a Spice Girls fan after watching some of the old Spice Girls videos for the "Greatest Hits DVD" coming out next month.

Talking live on "This Morning" Melanie C said:

"I kind of see it through different eyes and I'm actually a bit of a fan. I've turned into a Spice Girls fan. I never thought I'd say that!"

When asked about reported differences between the girls since they got back together, Melanie said it was a bit of a lovefest:

"We haven't been together for a long period of time and there's gonna be ups and downs because every body's very strong as an individual, but right now we're all just very excited and enjoying each other's company."

Spice Girls Greatest Hits is out in the UK on November 12th.

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