Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spice Girls: Headlines

The Spice Girls "Headlines" was hardly going to stay wrapped up for long, after being premiered on Radio 1 this morning. Within minutes the song was already online and being listened to by a wider audience. The power of YouTube means you can listen to the song (even though you can't download it of course!). The EMI legal team will be hard at work trying to stop any unauthorised copies making their way to the internet - but they have their work cut out as this is probably THE most anticipated single release of 2007.

I had heard a clip on Amazon over the weekend and had been expecting another "Wannabe" sort of track but "Headlines" delivers a much more grown up coming of age track. The Spice Girls have become women and they sound much better for it as well as looking hotter than they did back in 1996.

Click the box at the top of this topic to have a listen to "Headlines", it's a tune your going to hear a lot between now and 2008!

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