Saturday, October 06, 2007

robmacca Is Back!

Sorry for being quiet over the past few days - poor old robmacca been ill and yet still oh so busy!

Had a few days off from blogging and the internet but I'm back now and will be posting like crazy over the next few days on my blogs:
  • robmacca random stuff
  • robmacca entertainment news

  • Oh I'm famous - check out for the story and for great celeb gossip!


    1. nice to see u again Rob.
      long time no see.
      how r u?
      will write u an email

    2. Miss you guys so much - I was remembering this week how it was a year ago since you came to Coventry and began your year here.

      I'm better now and enjoying my weekend. Hope your all good.

      Catch you soon.


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