Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Enemy: Album Review (Malaysia)

As Coventry's number one band -The Enemy are spending a tenth week inside the UK Top 40 album chart, the new single "You're Not Alone" is A-listed on Radio 1 and the band are about to do their bit to fight rascism on a free NME CD in a few weeks.
Now it seems their fame is spreading far and wide, a review of "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" has appeared today in The Star Online (Malaysia), and what a good review it is.

Here is the review by Jacobus Raj:

"THE Enemy – Coventry (Britain)-born, and proud of it – scores
some major points with We’ll Live and Die in These Towns. The album
hints at a rebirth of socio-political punk and, to me, is reminiscent of some of
the stuff first visited by bands like The Clash.

The album opens up with Aggro, which is an
appropriate intro, starting off on a quiet note before hammering it full-on
punk-style but in a melodious way. Next up is an interesting take on modern work
culture in Away from Here, with lyrics like “I’m so sick and tired of
working just to be retired.”

The title track is one of several outstanding numbers on the album and
it starts up with some brass sounds before moving into an acoustic guitar-driven
riff. A laid-back rocker, this song seems to tell the story of an ordinary life
and echoes back to the days when punk actually had a message. You’re Not
, which follows, is another track in the same vein.

The album closes on a more sombre, melancholy note with Happy
Birthday Jane
, a slow, melodic number that rounds off the album well.

The Enemy has certainly risen from the ranks of
obscurity, and if it can keep on producing work as good as this, I feel it’ll be
a force to be reckoned with for some time to come. For ageing punk fans who
complain about the lack of social commentary in what is called punk these days,
this album is certainly a breath of fresh air. Definitely a

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