Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Melanie C Week

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The week has started off with Melanie C entering the UK singles chart at #10 with "Next Best Superstar", which I'm really proud of. As you can see I bought all 3 formats, even though I'd normally buy lots of copies - I have no money but tried to show my support still.

The new album "Beautiful Intentions" is released Monday 11/04/05 and I know Melanie has been working flat out to promote her new material. Not bad for someone who runs her own record label - women everywhere should be damn proud of what Melanie has done, against all odds, she has returned with the music she wants to do and can now do it HER way!

On Saturday I'm popping over to Birmingham to see Melanie on the second date of her UK Tour, I didn't think I would be able to go this time around, but I couldn't miss it. Last year I got to do the whole tour, yet things are so much more difficult. Melanie C is such a good live performer and worth going into debt for. What a week this will be.................

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