Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bee in your Boxers......

OK, so we've had the story of my pants earlier in the Blogg, well here is a scary story that no man wants to ever happen ..............
Bee Posted by Hello

I was just quietly going to the toilet and having a read at the same time, when I felt something on my leg, so I brushed it off, only to look down and discover a massive bee was now inside my boxers shorts.

I quickly got up and took them off, with the bee inside and I went to the window, opened it and waved my boxers out of them. I bet anyone looking would think I was mad waving my underwear out of the window!

This bee was wasn't a pretty one like in the picture - this was one mother of all bees. But I wouldn't have killed it cos I like bees ....... I just don't like the idea of bees in my boxers!

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