Sunday, April 03, 2005

10 Days and 10 Days more

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The past 10 days have been FANTASTIC, Alex came to stay and we really bonded. It's hard to describe but we had such a blast. From lazy lie-ins to late night fun, we had a laugh. People may try and write the whole thing off but we are here to stay.

Alex is the best guy I've ever opened up my heart too. We can talk about anything and everything and I feel so safe (if that makes sense). When you talk about feelings you open yourself up to being hurt or showing a more vunerable side but in this instance - I don't mind.

It's been more hard for others, in some ways, than for us - we both know what we have and feel totally at ease with it but other people have had to come to terms with their own prejudice. Some people would love it if things fell apart but I can gladly report we are going to be around for alot longer yet.

Just 10 more days until we meet back up again..................

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