Saturday, April 23, 2005

Desperate SpiceWives - Part 3

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"Desire can have a strange effect on each of our Desperate Spicewives - for one it can be the desire to be loved by her husband and accepted by the country that made her famous. For another it can be the desire to make a "comeback".

Making a "comeback" is big business  on Hysteria Lane and none of our girls have forgotten that - even David Beckham  is destined to make a career for himself as an actor (some may say he has already had lessons in this area with a former PA!) . Geri Halliwell is at the fore front of yet another comeback, even naming her next track record "Desire" in aid of her ambitions. The video returns to the "Look At Me" format but will the neighbours be left thinking it's time to put this pussy cat out for the night?

Melanie C would not be described as a pussy cat as her desire for one more bite of the apple launches the release of "Beautiful Intentions" - this is one hell of a tiger CD which has more attitude and bite than any wild tiger with such lyrics as:

"Something chews me up and then spits me out" "Why don't you kick me when I'm down"  "F**K your lies I'll never be a victim"

Be warned - this tiger has claws, and no they are not intended for ripping apart the other cats , they are to gain a good grip cos she's here to stay!

Our other Desperate Spicewives  are all busy working behind the scenes in various parts of the world waiting for that day when finally a Greatest Hits hits our shelves and ushers in a new wave of Spice in our lives, but for now we can watch as the desire continues............."

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