Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jerry Dammers - The Specials Reunion?

Jerry Dammers, the man behind The Specials success thirty years ago, is back in the news today as one of the performers at the Love Music Hate Racism event on May 30 at Stoke's Britannia Stadium.

He will be joined by some "very special guests", which is leading some to believe that the long awaited reunion with Jerry and the rest of The Specials could happen. Both Dammers and The Specials have long been campaigners for equality and spoken out against racism, having performed together at Coventry's Butts College at a similar event three decades prior.

The Specials and Dammers had been unable to agree about the way The Specials would return to celebrate thirty years of Two Tone SKA music, eventually leading to Jerry Dammers missing from the line-up during the tour which is currently taking place. Yet, Jerry and The Specials have both left the door open with the hope of being able to perform together on stage once again.

The Love Music Hate Racism would be the perfect opportunity for the whole band to reunite under the umbrella of racial harmony. Could the 'very special guests' appearing on stage with Dammers be the original Specials? Watch this space for more updates....................

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