Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Girls Aloud: Splitting Up?

Girls Aloud splitting up? Well they might be if they each keep going their own way. I predicted previously on this blog that Girls Aloud would split later this year, and more and more cracks seem to be appearing.

Sure they have their UK tour coming up, of course fans still buy their records but have the girls learnt nothing from previous "girl power" groups? The Spice Girls began solo projects to go along side their work in the group, but soon these side projects began to demand more and more time until the cracks split the group into not working as a single unit anymore.

This week Nadine Coyle has opened up her very own scented candle shop in Los Angeles to go with her Mexican restaurant and wants to create a chain store selling her new products. Soon she will be spending even more time in America and less time with her band mates. Cheryl Cole is riding high in the UK charts with her collaboration with Will.i.am on 'Heartbreaker' fuelling speculation she will opt for a solo career in the near future.

Meanwhile, Sarah Harding was given a horse as an engagement present from lover Tom Crane, so may be busy riding that, in between getting drunk! Kimberley Walsh revealed she would be interested in a career on the stage when Girls Aloud split and Nicola Roberts just hates being the "ugly one" in the group!

Will the spilt happen in 2008, lets wait and see...........

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