Friday, January 04, 2008

Girls Aloud: 2008 Final Year?

Girls Aloud - "to split in 2008"

Your days are numbered when your dad goes to the newspapers to say you are not going to split! This is what the father of Girls Aloud singer Kimberly Walsh has done after newspaper rumours seemed to be circulating that Girls Aloud were set to split this year.

It's got to be a nail in the coffin when he said: "The band might well have a break of a few weeks or something, but that wouldn't be until the end of the year."

Let's face it , if the band have the end of the year off when it is the busiest time in the music industry, then they might as well quit after the tour. I think someone in Girls Aloud will get pregnant (most likely - Sarah Harding or Cheryl Cole) and it looks like Nadine Coyle will want to get married during 2008, probably to anyone! At least some things won't change - Nicola Roberts will keep the same facial expressions during 2008 no matter what!

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    1. I think this is very sad :( I knew it would happen anytime since they released their GH, I was surpised to hear the news about a 4th album afterwards however a 5th studio album would be too good to be true, they're famous and they could carry on like that but ufortuately when you talk about a band it's impossible for all the memebers to think the same way after a cople of years :...(


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