Monday, May 26, 2008

Amy Winehouse Attacks Photographers

Amy Winehouse lashes out at photographers

Amy Winehouse finally had enough and lashed back at photographers, as the picture above clearly shows. The paparazzi had been camped outside Amy's Camden apartment all day and tried to follow her every move - which turned out to be a bad idea as she was not in a good mood. The singer had rushed to London's Pentonville Prison but had turned up too late for her appointment to see her husband Blake. The press continued taking pictures as Amy cried in the taxi cab on the way home and even when she ordered a take away from a local Kabab shop.

It all finally got too much for her as photographers camped outside her apartment blocked her entry into the flat. Winehouse lashed out in frustration after a traumatic day, she appears to have grabbed a camera and may have punched a member of the paparazzi as she tried to get back indoors away from the media glare.

Will all the media attention drive Amy Winehouse away from the UK? Only time will tell.

Amy Winehouse pictured constantly

*Pics by: REX

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