Friday, May 23, 2008

Winehouse To Enter Rapid Rehab In Israel

Amy Winehouse
Troubled singer Amy Winehouse could be flying out to Israel in a bid to get cleaned up for Glastonbury next month. Reports from the Jewish Chronicle claim the Winehouse management team got in contact with specialist Andre Waismann asking for his help.

The Barzilai Medical Centre would care for Winehouse, where she will receive 36 hours of treatment and the promise of success would ensure Amy Winehouse is able to make her Glastonbury appearance just before Jay-Z, as reported earlier this week here on 'robmacca's entertainment news'.

The 24 year old Rehab hit maker will undergo “very short, intensive and effective treatment” costing $12,800 (£6,400). Winehouse has also said she would love it if jailed husband Blake, could come to Glastonbury with her.

Amy has been under the public spotlight all week following the 'Winemouse' videos, as revealed here last weekend but is determined to bounce back at Glastonbury. Yesterday Amy Winehouse won an Ivor Novello Award but arrived so late her father had to collect it.

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