Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Girls Aloud Tour Pictures

Here are a selection of Girls Aloud pictures from the new 2008 tour as well as behind the scenes pictures, as featured in the Daily Mail and Hello Magazine.

The 2008 tour has already started and the newspaper revealed that during their 34-date tour, Girls Aloud will get through 15 tubes of mascara, 145 sets of fake eyelashes, 50 cans of hairspray, 250 fake nails, 150 pairs of fishnets.
That's not to mention the 2,000 chocolate bars, 3,500 packets of chewing gum and 6,000 cans of energy drink.

The full story can be found in this weeks issue of Hello magazine.

1 comment:

  1. I love girls aloud,I think they rock and they are all very pretty.I think cheryl is gorgeus and nadine is my fav,she soooooooo rocks and she is my no.idol and I hope I meet her and the rest of girls aloud someday,it would be my dream.I cant wait to see them in april,bye love you girls aloud.
    From Shelby D,Derry,xo!


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