Monday, November 05, 2007

Royal Mail: "It's Not OK" - Part Two

*Previous video: HERE

The video above is not meant to be an attack on Royal Mail or the manager's who run the local delivery offices. The past few months have been difficult for everyone within Royal Mail and the future looks very challenging if it is to survive. Following several days of strike action, problems began to surface about the backlogs and delays in mail delivery.

This video highlights some of those problems several weeks later, as manager's try and cope with tight budgets and strained working relations. It exposes shortfalls as customer service slipped and highlights some interesting quotes from the media, Royal Mail and the Union.

Royal Mail does endeavour to make a daily delivery to each UK home as well as trying to exceed each standard laid down by the regulator Postcomm. The video needs to be taken in the right context, with the back drop of industrial action. Normal daily deliveries have returned to the vast majority of the country, any mail being undelivered is usually due to exceptional circumstances.

Since the Government raced into ending Royal Mail's monopoly, the postal market has transformed significantly. The public service, treasured by this nation is now under serious pressure. Is it all down to profits or about public service?

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