Saturday, November 17, 2007

Spice Girls; Greatest Hits Album USA

The Spice Girls can be proud of themselves this week as their "Greatest Hits" album has already sold all 600,000 copies that were shipped out to Victoria's Secret stores across America for Tuesday's exclusive launch. Not bad when you consider that "Forever" only sold 207,000 copies in total in the US. Sales of downloads will further increase that figure over the coming days, ahead of the physical US CD release on January 15th 2008.

What is more remarkable is that the 600,000 sales will not even count towards a chart placing because Victoria's Secret 1,100 locations are not soundscan enabled retailers. But this is a new era for artists and EMI have been happy to release the album in this way, similar to Prince's UK release via the Sunday Mail newspaper as opposed to high street record stores. In the UK the Spice Girls "Greatest Hits" is expected to enter the charts at #2 on Sunday, which is still great for a group that were written off just seven years ago.

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