Thursday, July 27, 2006

Precious Life

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A new born child can give such hope,

A sudden death - who can cope?

A life of work comes to an end,

A sorry man - who will defend?

The path of life, a twisted route,

The innocent they seem to shoot.

The birthday girl so happy there,

The world, the wars - she does not care.

We do not know how long we'll last,

We can not even change the past,

We are surrounded in this world of strife,

We must make the most of our precious life!

This poem was written by robmacca tonight, it was inspired by the sudden death of my housemates step sister who died yesterday suddenly while on holiday in Spain - a day before her 15th birthday. Last week an old work mate of mine was found dead in the canal as he was about to start his retired life, it was taken from him in suspicious circumstances.

All of these tragic events remind me how precious life is and how in the blink of an eye - our life could end or be changed forever. Make everyday count, and live it as though it could be your last - enjoy the moment but make it count.


  1. wow! this is really nice Robbie, you really know how to make me think about how lucky I am. Thanks a lot for helping me, you're a real friend.

  2. I am sorry, Rob. Any lost life is tragic enough. That of a 15 year old girl is...
    Thank you very much for this poem!
    Your writing is most impressive.
    Congratulations for this gift of yours! Cherish it!


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