Thursday, July 20, 2006

Coventry News Update

Peugeot Boycott as plant workers lose jobs:

*The Unions continue in the fight to keep Ryton open in a £1m campaign aimed at boycotting Peugeot and Citroen cars as 2,300 workers are to be sacked in Coventry and the factory closed down as work moves to Slovakia and France.
Sadly the Advertising watchdog refused to let the Union ask people to boycott Peugeot/Citroen cars but I'm sure many people will make an ethical choice and buy a car built in Britain rather than let the car company exploit those in Slovakia, where the wages will be as little as £75 per week.

Godiva Festival - Best Yet!

*On a more positive note - the Godiva Festival last weekend was the most successful yet as all three days were crowned with glorious sunshine and a great party atmosphere during this free event in Coventry. Over 75,000 attended over the weekend to witness the carnival and the many live acts including Leo sayer, Mercury Revs and local hero's Nizlopi.

Catch the slide show here:

Other News:

* Filming for the "Lady Godiva" movie is progressing as the crew were up at the crack of dawn filming scene's in Oxford (it's set in Coventry but Oxford has the medieval buildings needed!)

* Coventry City Football Club have turned down more offers for Gary McSheffrey (£2m) as he is a key player in securing Coventry's place back in the Premiership within 3 years.

* Marlon Devonish did Coventry proud by winning both the 100m and 200m sprint at the European Trials in Manchester at the weekend.


  1. Sorry, Rob, but only now did I realise you're living in Coventry. (I'm really smart and attentive, «ain't» I? Lord...)
    A whole lot of readings and pictures about WW2 came into my mind. Coventry suffered a true martyrdom... I feel great respect for that city.
    And I adore the English flag ondulating in the wind! It's really nice!

  2. hmmm, yes...I always thought that Oxford looked more like Coventry then, erm...Coventry!

  3. Cheers guys for your comments - Yeah ric, I'm from good old Coventry. I'm proud of my city (.....shut up Ben beforeI smack you!) and how it's improved over the years.
    It's a city moving forward, while not forgetting its past.

    Ben - maybe they filmed it in Oxford cos it's too rough here? Could have been worse, they could have gone to Birmingham! LOL

  4. LMAO - yeh!

    Birmingham, the proud setting of 'Macbeth On The Estate' ...classy :S

  5. I can see a new drama penned by yourself hitting the Hippodrome over the summer.

    The chav's would flock to see it(if only they weren't busy hanging about outsidethe shops drinking cheap lager)

    * I am stereotyping of course!


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