Monday, July 24, 2006

Country Walk

The British summer is something special, so we Brits have to make the most of the good weather and get outside into the countryside.
Alex came to visit for the weekend and we ventured out for a nice 13 mile round walk from Leamington Spa to "The Waterman" Pub at Hatton. Along the way along the British Waterways canal we saw horses, sheep, ducks, ducklings, squirrels, rabbits and the lush English countryside. All of which looked beautiful on a late sunny Sunday afternoon.

The pictures from my mobile phone say it all......................................


  1. Looks lovely! Glad you both had a good time! :-)

  2. Those pics are really nice, it's nice yould see all those animals, btw I love your tanned look on the last pic Robbie.

  3. ....for six months of the year you could live in a barge/on a bench/in the woods etc! Lol!

    Thanks for a great weekend!

    Alex x

  4. Thanks guys.

    It made a nice change to get into the countryside for a change. That's one of the beautiful things about not living in London etc.

    I love Coventry!


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