Monday, July 10, 2006

Cyprus Holiday - Part 1

Now you'd be expecting tales of 2 weeks in Ayia Napa, Cyprus to be full of nudity,sex and drunkenesss, but I'm a good Brit who would never misbehave. I didn't take my camera but I always have my faithful mobile phone on hand to snap away or bluetooth some random stranger.
Welcome to Part 1 of the holiday snaps - lets begin nice and calmly................

1. The rock where I do all my sunbathing, away from almost everybody. Next to the sea, it adds to a tranquil 7 hours in the sun.

2. Inside this rock was a rather large shy lizard.

3. The view from our balcony, it was like a six multi screen TV - expect more pics and stories to follow.

4. A rather nice boat near the harbour, a calm moment to remind me I was on holiday by the sea.

5. Larnica at night glows in the dark.


  1. Thanks to my visual memory, I've surely spotted the crime scene... Where you lay your towel, there...


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