Thursday, June 08, 2006

robmacca update

Tuesday was my day off this week, but I seemed to have got hooked on another binge drinking session with my friends and 12 hours later was already into Wednesday and back at work (sober of course!).

The week seems to have passed by and my little net life has been neglected due to :

1. Alcohol

2. Sunshine

3. Frustration of setting up Wireless Router

4. Social Activity

Considering I don't celebrate birthdays, I'm doing quite badly this week as I'll have attended 3 different birthday events.

Hope your all well and ready for the World Cup and enjoying the summer weather!


  1. It must be something they put in the water in our wonderful hometown. I had a similar week as it was holiday here on Tuesday and have just about sobered up completely today - a blur of a week even though work has gone surprisingly well!! Maybe I was more communicative with a hangover - who knows?

    Have a great weekend mucker.....


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