Monday, June 19, 2006

Holiday Clothes Shopping

I booked my holidays on Friday and fly out to Aiya Napa this coming Sunday for two weeks holiday with my mate Daz.
All sounds good, except I hadn't really budgeted for a holiday this year as I wanted to save up to do some house repairs. Too late - cos I've had to pay for the holiday already!

I went to Cyprus two years ago, and looking in my wardrobe, I'd be wearing the same clothes again. So today I spent more money on clothes :

8 holiday tops
1 shirt
1 3/4 lenght umbro joggers
1 pair of sexy black shorts
1 Calvin Klein swimwear

2 more England flags, England trainer socks, England socks.......................

Now I'll have to try and NOT spend too much while I'm out there!

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