Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Random Views

1. My back garden -simple but relaxing.
2. Coventry Uni - unusual design, but still good.
3. Coventry's Millenium Arch - adding style to the city.
4. robmacca in his postie gear!
5. Another view from Kenilworth Court - this time the "country" side view.

Not much news to report today, so the selection of pictures taken on my mobile phone recently are here to plug the gap!
I was gonna post a picture of me in my boxers, but it was just too rude for this Blog.........................


  1. the uni is interesting and unusual, as is the is yourself!

    my RHCP tix came today -woooo!

  2. I like the pics. I noticed a new tranquility which is bring me the idea of where I am.


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