Friday, June 23, 2006

Holiday Time

*this picture is NOT of me!

The holidays officially start in a few hours and I'm packed and ready for Cyprus and VERY excited. I will be doing lots of sunbatheing and drinking plenty at night.

The picture above happened to come to my attention, while surfing the net tonight. A rather interesting idea - sunbatheing in your undies, wet. Now to the more moral minded viewer that might sound a bit perverse, but you'll be pleased to know I'm not taking any white undies on holiday with me. I will however try my best to find a private secluded spot so I can tan this tight little bottom of mine...........................................


  1. What! Your not taking any pants on holiday wiv ya!? That's one way to save on excess bagage costs and post holiday washing I guess. Have a great holiday. See you when you get back.

  2. Hope you have marvellous time and don't ruin the family reputation too much!

  3. Cheers Martin and Ben!

    I will try and uphold the family name while trying not to lose my pants. (I am taking some boxer shorts for when I go out at night!)


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