Sunday, October 09, 2005

My Housemates Last Night

Luke emailed these pictures he took on his and Natalie's final night together at mine. Click on them for a closer look. I love Alex's "photo" pose in 1,2,and 3 - totally unaware that by picture 3, Luke and I are making rude gestures to the camera and each other!
Picture 4 has me looking like a giant and the last picture has Natalie getting into the party mood as Alex and her went to an all night party down my street while Luke set off back to Poland and I went to work.


  1. lol i just left a message on the "bananadrama" post, thinking that was the lastest post in your blog, as I had just clicked on that link from Norman's blog, and then later I realized that it was a direct link and that you had all these much later entries! LOL, sounds like you've been taking good care of yourself, Rob. I haven't been online much in the past little while, just busy with offline stuff, but doing quite well. The only sad thing is that it seems most of my friends are attached, or found their one true loves. Which I'm so grateful that they have. Though I wish I would have this luck too! I am still "hung up" on that girl. Though I'm glad I phoned her up and told her all about my feelings, even if it just makes her feel good, even though I don't think it's ever meant to be for us.

  2. Bless your little cotton socks!
    Keeping busy will hopefully take your mind off the things that can make you feel a little down.
    It can seem like everyone has found someone special but alot of those relationships are fragile once you scratch beneath the surface. So maybe your more fortunate than you realise sometimes!!

    I know your a wonderful person and whoever you end up with, will be one happy person. (Well 2 happy people cos you will be happy as well :-P )

    I've been busy offline as well and seem to be on an extended break from DenDen - my life this year has changed so much and I seem to be alot more mature, I dont have the same desire to go clubbing or to keep up with the latest music trends.

    If I had my way I'd be a social hermit, tucked away at home once I've done my morning socialising on my post delivery. Ahhhhhh maybe I'm just getting old..............

    Thanks for replying, Its always a pleasure to hear from you!!

    Take care XXXXXX


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