Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My 1 Second of Fame

For just 1 second I could be seen on ITV2's "Girls Aloud: Home Truths" at 21:00 tonight.
According to Alex you could see us waiting for Girls Aloud at the HMV record signing. I bet my bright orange Royal Mail coat stood out a mile!
Well, that's enough fame for one night, I'm off to sign autographs for the adoring fans outside my door.

Incase you want to watch the programme, it is being repeated on ITV2 this Friday at midnight.

"Girls Aloud: Home Truths

A whirlwind six months in the life of the girl group, during which they play their first national tour, release a summer single and record their third album. In between engagements, Nicola goes camping with her family in Devon, and Sarah gives a guided tour of her native Stockport."

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